Folding Travel Cot Mattress

This clever folding mattress fits the Red Kite Sleep Tight Travel Cot snugly and it comes with its own zip up bag for safe keeping.

• Fits the Red Kite Travel Cot perfectly

There are two materials to choose from: a PVC cover which is waterproof or a Corovin cover which is a breathable fabric but not waterproof.

Huggabubba would also recommend the use of a mattress protector for extra hygiene & if the mattress has been soiled or vomited on at all, we would advise to throw the soiled mattress away & replace with a completely new mattress.

The Red Kite Travel Cot is not included and must be purchased separately.


HB 21 – Folding Travel Cot Mattress
Assembly required: N/A
Brand: Huggabubba
Dimensions Open: L 92cm x W 64cm x D 5cm
Dimensions Closed: L 46cm x W 32cm x D 10cm
Colour: White
Material: 100% Corovin or PVC Cover & Non- Toxic Foam Filling
Suitable from: Newborn
Weight: 1.8 Kg
HB Code: HB 21

Important information regarding general mattress safety: For the safety and comfort of your guests, it is your responsibility to make sure that the mattress being provided is kept clean and in good condition for the next user. If the mattress is soiled from vomit or other bodily fluids, use a new mattress & dispose completely of the soiled one. For a PVC covered mattress, to clean after use, this can be wiped down & thoroughly washed with a warm water / soapy detergent to clean & then dry after. Ideally, use mattress together with a waterproof mattress protector for extra protection & safety. For the Corovin covered mattress, the outer cover can be removed & washed in the machine after each use. A mattress protector would again be recommended as further protection for the mattress itself from absorbing some of the aforementioned fluids.

Also, make sure that the mattress is still nice & firm with no snagging , holes or tears in it prior to use. Washed mattresses, either PVC covered or Corovin covered should be fully dry before making up the cot with bedding.

Mattress Type

PVC Mattress Cover, Corovin Mattress Cover